In trying to recapture my childhood, it seems as if I have outgrown Transformers. I need something a little more satisfying, so I decided to try my hand at another of my hobbies I had as a kid: Plastic model building.

This is my first attempt in almost 20 years. It is a 1965 Ford Mustand 2+2 Fastback. The body paint as well as some of the detailing is a little shoddy, but I'm still learning. However, I do have to say that this absolutely blows away any attempts I made back as a child.

The front view depicts two of my favorite aspects of the Mustang body style. The slightly recessed black grille accented by the Mustang emblem gives most Mustangs their true personality.

The side view shows a couple of other characteristics of the Mustang that I have always liked. The red, white, and blue Mustang emblem along with the metallic emblem that declares what is under the hood, in this case a 286. The metal alloy wheels were stock in 1965 with a middle hub accent that matched the body color.

The interior was a cushy white leather along with the Mustang wood-grain steering wheel. The radio was an AM jobbie, and the Mustang emblem accented the right bottom part of the glove compartment. The interior especially brings back memories of my own 1975 Mustang I drove as a teenager. There wasn't nearly as much chrome, but the shape of the instrument panel as well as the shifter and the glove compartment were identical.

The tail lights were completely separate from the backup lights, and the dual exhaust pipes added symmetry.

Alas, the engine is what makes any car, and the Ford 286 that the 2+2 Fastback came with stock meant business. Ford also made a Mustang 350 in 1965 that came stock with the powerful Ford 351, which was meant to compete with Chevrolet's famous Corvette.

Next up is a 1934 Ford Coupe.

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