But here is an idea who's time has maybe come. I don't really know how the moderaters here are chosen. I know that when I was more active here, I was asked to become one, and declined because I did not feel I have the time always to really do the job. But I always assumed that was kind of how it worked, informally. Some moderater talks to his mod buddies, 'hey so-and-so might make a good moderater', they agree and make the offer. Kind of an 'old boys' network (which of course, wouldn't explain SAR or Trish! ;\) )

Perhaps we have reached a point of sophistication here where general nominating and voting on moderators may be something positive for the general membership here. Perhaps some ideas that could use some 'shaking up' would be shaken (not stirred!), and there would be more people who feel that their voices and concerns are heard more then they are with the anonymous, 'poof, so-and-so's a moderator now' method. Me, I'm barely here enough to know who even is a mod anymore, and just occasionally remember to watch for white smoke to see if we have a new one! ;\)

Just a thought from an old-timer.


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