I used to have a model of the original Enterprise a lot like the one from Texas. It had a green light where the lower phaser pod was. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a huge bomb the same day that my model of the aircraft carrier Oriskany exploded and burned down to the waterline in the lake behind my folk's house. Somebody way overfilled the little toy ship with way too much gasoline then pushed it out into the lake. When it was 50 feet from shore, bobbing gently in the light chop and trailing a fuel slick behind it, the bad kid tossed a match in. Wish that I had a high-speed camera rolling, probably could have used the footage to show the demise of some luckless Japanese carrier in a low-budget war movie. Last year I bought a 3 foot long RC model of a World War II Fletcher-class destroyer. Anybody remember how to put it together?

Just to let all of our younger members know: Juvenile firestarting is considered a serious problem these days.


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