Actually, I'm not, but I wanted to bring up the topic. I've seen people in the news, in my every-day life say how they are so offended. At what? Was it truly an offense? Or is it something that just bothered them a bit? Some days it seems people just casually attach the word to any and everything that crosses their way the wrong way.

I've found a couple different definitions for "offend."

** to annoy, irritate, anger, cause resentful displeasure
** to violate or transgress, to hurt or cause pain to

I'm willing to bet most people will lean more towards the first definition in the everyday walks of life - at least, those I work with. Personally, if I were feeling the first definitions explanation of "offend," I'd rather say I feel resentful. Otherwise it seems that trying to apply the second definition is about as useful as Reba singing "I'm a survivor" at the end of the bouncy, pleasant-sounding jingle of her show (by the way, I find her casual use of 'I'm a survivor' offensive - I mean, I resent it).

To end my offensive rant, I leave you with a cartoon to consider. It is a strip of Bloom County, and this drawing went public in the early 80s. It can be viewed here. But I warn you, you could find it offensive.

How does "offensive" define for you?


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