I agree...let the flashbacks set you free!!!! Brett, what you said about getting a new therapist is the best idea. It was hard for me to understand this, so I got drove nuts by a therapist unexperienced with MALE SA. Once I found one, it made all the difference in the world. You will never be OK with the SA until you see all the flashbacks and process them...remember them...so you can pull them up and study them. You my have to write them down but telling someone is good to. My therapist says that they have to come out, even if you have to force them or they will never leave you alone! The only bad thing about smoking pot and this shit is that pot efects the same area of the brain that the anti-depresion meds efect...so if you are on meds the pot screws with the efect of the meds...I still smoke which does make me more depressed. My therapist just told me not to change anything that I do...for now..until I get the PTSD under more control! He also said that it is better for the PTSD to smoke $1,000 of pot then to drink one case of beer...now there is a cool therapist!!!!!!!!