I think you have garnered a lot of respect and trust among a vast number of men here at M.S. I certainly would like you to know you have mine. You might find this strange but; it's taken me a great many years to finally step out of my safety zone. And perhaps for the first time in my life I can confidently admit that I could honestly sit down and converse with you face to face for hours about my past. This admission does not come easy for me. Not in the least. I've struggled for three long arduous decades trying to find my identity. Gang-rape in the most brutal of circumstances has played immense havoc on this search for my identity most of my life.

Some people may oddly question how the hell does a six foot three, 250lb stature of a man who was been heterosexual in the strictest sense become Androphobic and adopt an Asexual personality into his psyche ?
Not something I could easily explain in a simple paragraph.
I appreciate you opening this thread and wish you success in your new book.

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No affliction nor temptation, no guilt nor power of sin, no wounded spirit nor terrified conscious should induce us to despair comfort from God.

Today well lived...makes every tomorrow a vision of Hope.