I've asked myself and mulled through this question numerous times.

Do I find the sexual act of making love to a woman itself disgusting ? Perhaps not; other than the fact that sex always reminds of my brutal gang-rape as if resounding echo's of painful images playing unceasingly on my mind.

Embarrassingly; I have discussed this briefly with my therapist.
She never really bothered to elaborate on this discussion.
Maybe it was out of her sphere or maybe I didn't elaborate enough myself.

Who would have ever thought in the past of men getting squeamish or frigid over the idea of having sex with a woman they were fondly attracted to and in love with ? Not usually something associated with virile masculinity. How the hell do you explain this to the woman you love ? Not an easy prospect.

For many men who never have to worry about the fact of not having been raped...it's to obviously consider taking Levitra, Cialis or Viagra. for Erectile Dysfunction.

However; few will ever consider the serious health risk especially if your plagued with diabetes and cardiac problems like myself. So much for hard-on meds or dreaming or hoping you can drum-up a woody.

Even if I could bring myself to the point of performing the sexual act with the woman I love; I would still be confronted by my haunting rape past.

I need serious help with this. I feel that I've reached the dead end with no return. Just another dog who's been neutered.

Treatment Approach Link To Male Sexual Dysfunction


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