i once joined a catholic site on the internet (i am not catholic, i told them so), only one reason, to research this question, basically, people will try not to, but they all do it, and this was a hardcore YOU WILL GO TO HELL catholic site, and i followed the discussion for about a month, followed the ups and downs of people trying not to masturbate and finally finding everybody coming to the subtle conclusion that, ok, masturbation can be good for you too, lets sweep this under the carpet kind of thing, lets keep our crucifixes hanging on long chains to remind us not to go down there so often and lets keep the picture of baby jesus as the background to our desktop to keep us from those porn sites, but the conclusion was doing it sometimes is just good all around, and i tell you what these people were strict, and often really really horrible to each other, but me being me, told everybody off one by one, and i pat myself on the back for being the only person to confront irrational extremists, gain support and bring mutual respect whilst reminding them that the point is to be good and nice and supportive and not careless, cruel or evil, stupid how it takes somebody who doesn't conform to remind so called spiritual people what it is all about, i think it is far too easy for religious people to get lost in text and end up completely missing the point of life and what it is to be good, but of course i am not saying many religious people are like that, just the extremists

yeah, so i didn't want to masturbate, and i thought, catholics don't masturbate, lets see how it is done, wrong, they do, they just feel really bad after doing it

ooh, i remember something being helpful though, somebody described it as being like an untrained dog, your sex drive, and you just have to tame it, and keep it on the leash (or something i can't remember) and then you will obtain a higher feeling of control and perhaps enlightenment, i don't know, he described it better than me, but it was pretty good.