I saw the most beautiful cat the other day at PetSmart. His name is Blanka. He is a 1 year old Turkish Angora - pure white with two gray finger prints on the top of his head. He is a rescue cat from a home breeder a/k/a hoarder who had too many. I completed the application to the adoption service but they don't like the fact that I said I would have him declawed if I got him. The reasons I would do this are many, but the biggest is that the cat I have now is declawed so it wouldn't seem fair that one is and one isn't. Anyway, I went to visit Blanka again last night and it appeared that he is declawed; I sure didn't feel any, but the adoption service says he's not and they won't let me have him if I insist on declawing him. OK, so maybe I won't but now they're mad at me 'cause my 10 year old hasn't been to the vet for her senior well check up. WTF! I've had dogs and cats my whole life - they went to the vet if they were sick. My last two guys were 15 and 17 years old before they died, not exactly short timers! I've been pleading my case via e-mail all morning. I want this cat!

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