So when I became hungry around dinner time, as usual, I went to my mother and whined about it. We all decided to have a pizza delivered because it is easy, fast, and I love pizza. So after the call was made for the delivery my parents went outside to enjoy the evening. I decided to go for a walk before the pizza arrived. I locked the door on my way out and took about 10 steps before I realized that I had locked the door . This was a big mistake because my house key was inside, as were my parents, and also all of our spare keys.

I locked us out of the house. So we walked over to a neighbor's house and asked to use the phone. A girl answered - she was about a year younger than me. She handed us her cell phone and waited around with us until we located a key. Who is a person who has a key and time to come and open our door? MY GRANDMOTHER! I guess to punish me for locking us out of the house, I was the one who got to speak with her. She is an old woman who thinks the anti-christ is amongst us. She's insane.

We got home and she came quickly, opened the door, and stood outside and talked to me for what felt like hours. I was being eaten up by misquitoes (spelling?) and feeling bored to tears. When I finally got rid of her and was able to get inside the house I found that the pizza place had already come and missed us. So I had to call back and have them re-deliver it. When the guy got to the house with the pizza, (I think he was deaf) he had trouble understanding about the payment. I was supposed to give the lady on the phone my step-dad's credit card payment. So I had to call back... but GUESS WHAT?! The lady on the phone said don't worry about the payment- the pizza is free. I think she felt sorry for me that I had to call her three or four times. She remembered my name.

Anyways.... that was an adventure. Thanks for letting me rant.