Flashbacks, todays answer to time travel!!!
As I read the post and stories and talk to guys in the chat room I have noticed that mostly everyone here has always remembered the SA. Not too many of you talk about recovering the memiores from "FLASHBACKS". In fact, only a few have said anything about this...did guys with flashbacks fucken die or something????
In the last year I have had 1,000's of Flashbacks, they have really slowed down lately but still come when I'm triggered. This has given me almost total recall of the SA. I can remember now why I got into the fisting thing so deep, it stopped the flashbacks for days...up to a week at a time. The flashbacks slowed down, I slowed down with the fisting? Did I do this for self med??? Like what the fuck, doesn't someone else have recovered memories?????????????
I want to hear from anyone who is "FLASHING" !!!!!!! Guys who have just started or who have flashed so much that they light their homes with it! No one else knows what it is like and I don't have the works to tell them ...like the SA was yesterday! Nothing is like the flashbacks, I need to learn more about them from the other guys who have them and maybe teach them a few things too. So if your're flashing please get back to me.

Still Flashing