Describe Chester? Begin with water. He lives with his 14-year old in a cozy two-bedroom house on a lake shore. His weekend cabin sits on a narrow ridge between a river and another lake. There are two small boats for fishing, duck hunting or just floating in silence through God's beautiful creation. Chester attends services regularly and tries to live each day with a servant's heart. The three greatest grandkids in the world sadly live half a world away in Germany with their military parents but his at-home teen keeps him hopping. He likes hard work both physical and mental. He dons a Hart Shaffner Marx when necessary but much prefers Levis and a camouflage t-shirt. Honesty is not the best policy- it's his only policy. There is one quite large dog, Midnight, of questionable lineage, who pretty much gets what he wants (except house privileges). He reads a lot and has accumulated a fairly extensive book collection. Movies can be fun either out or at home- but he tends to eat far too much popcorn in either venue. Occasional outings to the baseball stadium and hockey at the Arena are part of his life. He enjoys almost all music with emphasis on classic or soft rock (Stones, Elton John, Credence, Clapton, Eagles, etc.). But, you won't find him dancing unless it is in the den while waiting on the steaks to arrive at a perfectly grilled condition. Chester is a much-blessed man. If you asked him about his life he would tell you how perfectly content he is. He would say, "I can't complain." This statement is, of course, absolutely true. He does not complain about life but he does hide a secret from most of the world. He even hides the secret from his 14-year old.