I'm starting to think that half of the problem is that there are not enough hours in the day, i'm sure if the days were longer then i would go to sleep in the night, i think we should slow down the Earths rotation somehow so that i can be the same as everybody else and sleep properly. I wish we didn't even have to go to sleep that would be so much easier! Sleep is such a waste of time, i could get so much sorted out if i didn't have to go to sleep, sleep is just evil, i hate sleep, i better get some because i have to go to work tomorrow, but i think i might not go to sleep for a while and see if it is better that way.

who else hates sleep? who thinks we should put in a petition to Earths council to increase the day or talk to the evolutionary board and just get rid of sleep altogether? (lol, evolution of species, revolution of earth, not such a coincidence that they rhyme now is it)

i'm probably the only one, because i understand how the idea of sitting down and having a cup of hot chocolate or getting sung lullabys can be appealing, but that just doesn't happen and i just had a cup of hot chocolate and it didn't do all that much for me.

I don't understand how people can just go to bed with their night gowns and fluffy slippers and go to sleep like they have no worries in the world, maybe they do have no worries in the world. I find it hard to remember to take my shoes off before i go to bed that is how messed up my sleep is. I hate it that my bad dreams have started up again now too, must mean i need to do more soul searching, oh, by that i mean i need to find my soul i think it ran away during the confusion.

I just don't get it, am i the only person that can't sleep? am i the only person that still gets frightened, doesn't anybody else get frightened? I'm not weak and i don't mean to get frightened it's just not my fault, i know there is nothing to be frightened of anymore, i know how old i am and how stupid it is okay, i just do get frightened. Does anybody else get afraid? hell i even get afraid sometimes that i will get afraid, afraid that i will have a bad dream so decide not to go to sleep, is anybody else like this or am i the only person who's eyes are getting more and more black?