Mom wanted to stop at a Christian book store this afternoon. While there I wandered about the store looking at books, bibles, Christian music CD's, etc. Then I came upon a painting that was on display near the checkout counter. The very second I laid eyes on it I began to sob uncontrollably. I immediately dashed out of the store so I could allow the emotional release without causing a scene. I sobbed.

After a few minutes I gained back my composure, dried my eyes and went back into the store. I needed to take a closer look at this painting that triggered me without warning. What was this that threw me for a loop? I cautiously approached the painting again. It is a simple image of a father praying over his son of about 7-8 years, maybe younger, who is asleep in bed with his arm embracing a teddy bear. With his right hand, the father is holding his son. The fatherís left hand is on his forehead, as though he is intensely concerned for his son's well being. In the background, through a window there is a faint image of an angel, all white engaging a dark looking creature, presumably a demon.
The title of the painting is "Spiritual Warfare." The artist is Ron DiCianni.

This image rushed me back to that age. I wasn't prayed for by my dad back then. No one that I am aware for contended for my safety on their knees before the Lord during my childhood. What if?

Here is the painting. I found an image of it online at Ron DiCianni's website.

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