i am starting a "business" called "Everything Philip". it is a combination of all the services i offer: sign language interpreting, music(organ for weddings, piano if needed, and trumpet), cake decorating, music lessons, music compilation, sign language lessons, tutoring, and piano tuning. if anyone thinks they can help me, i would much rather keep my money flowing in a place where i think it is needed and well deserved, and i figured the best place to start is with my friends. also, i don't know the first thing about websites, so if someone could help me with that as well it would be greatly appreciated!!!! just contact me! even through his forum is find. i am curious as to what we can come up with. i would like to learn how to build and manage a website though, cause i will need that info in my head. i am a fast learner, plus, i am 20, so technology is quite simple for me. thanks in advance!!!

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