Hello all!
I am an acupuncture and oriental medicine student in the state of Hawaii. My focus of study is helping survivors heal the body/mind and come back into wholeness. Acupuncture was instrumental in my healing and the healing of other survivors I know because it works on an emotional/spiritual level. The brokenness that survivors experience are not visible to the naked eye or with the use of xray or other technology, therefore an approach that deals with energetics in the body can be an excellent option for healing these energetic/emotional/spiritual wounds.

In addition to working on completing my studies, I am working on a book that is mostly illustrations and which uses simple metaphors to draw what these breaks in the body/mind might look like. The book is designed to teach people about healthy sexuality, and also to serve as a guide for healing. I have interviewed many female survivors but no men and would like to do so if it's not a violation of the terms of this board. If it is, I'd surely appreciate a moderator to guide me as to how I could reach out to male survivors. I am certainly open to a moderator asking me further questions to clarify the project, or to receive further info by email from me.

I wish many blessings for you all!

Acu Hope

Acupuncture student working on developing treatment protocols for survivors