Hey guys,
DuncanUK had PMed me the other day about possibilities in going to the mods about a HIV forum. I thought it was a great idea and were lucky enough to have the mods agree that it is worth trying out the forum.

what are the reasons for this forum? Let me share with you what I sent over to the mods:

i'm pretty open about being HIV+. I was really surprised the amount of guys who have come to talk to me about it. they either are poz themselves, concerned they are due to either past abuse or current sexual encounters, or have friends/family who are poz. i can see the concern from a site standpoint of "will the forum actually be used?" and you know what? I don't know. I think it is worth a shot. If the forum isn't used, can't it just be deleted? And, to be frank, you guys might not think it will be used because you probably don't know what it is like, or see a need for it because it doesn't directly effect you.

why at MS? the guys I have talked to, myself included, have gotten it from either abuse, or acting out due to the abuse (sex or drugs.) It adds another layer of "shit to deal with." Take for example sex. Not only do we have to deal with the whole set of problems survivors have, but then tact on "oh yeah, my sperm can kill you." It's mentally draining at times and depression is huge in both the survivor life and HIV life. It would be great to have a place just to talk about these issues. It would also be a place to discuss treatment options (which is mainly what i get asked about from other guys.) Yes, I realize that we aren't a health site, but I was really surprised how much they overlap. It would also be a place for information on not only dealing with "okay i have it" but "oh crap, i think i have it, what do i do." i think there would have to be a sticky note about where to get information that is current and up to date and that it shouldn't take the place of regular testing. blah blah blah..

my feeling is, give it a whirl. what do we have to lose?

so with that, I hope the forum will be a place for support, information, and a place for the poz guys to just come and have people understand.

I guess I should start out saying that I found out I was HIV+ when I was 17. It has progressed to AIDS. I'm currently on meds, and have been for sometime. so, if you guys have med questions, let me know. Right now im on fuzeon, viread, videx, and emtriva. seems to be working okay.

I hope that this forum will get some use and will be a source of info for guys who aren't poz.

WHOOO HOOO! Great idea Duncan.