I am wondering if anyone else here have deal of this, it is something I have never have before, and it is been some 'on and off' for last few weeks.

Sometime I feel like I'm shaking, when I'm not. I can hold out my hand and see it is perfectly still, but like, inside, under my skin, I feel like I am shaking. Also, sometime it feels like my heart is going real fast, and kind of 'fluttery' feeling in my chest. But when I check my pulse, it is normal, like 50-60 a minute. I don't feel dizzy or light in the head at all, and I don't feel like pain in my chest or trouble breathing.

I am wondering if this is some kind of panic feeling, that I just am not aware of it at all? It happens when I am not panicked or such, and have no reason to be afraid. It is not in relation to nightmares or anything, and the few times in past I have had flashbacks, I do not recall these physical feelings with them.

I am 'due' for full checkup and such in July, so I am sure if there is something physicaly wrong, it could be found. But I just was wondering if ever anyone else have these 'sensations' at all?