first perp a local Las Vegas religious leader is presumed dead
from age. Identity unknown.

second perp was a 19 year old Runaway woman recovering drug user, who also had an affair with my Dad while staying at our home to be rehabilited. Name Debbie. I've heard say that after a drunken call to our house <which I answered> she turned her life around, got married and currently has an upstanding family, complete with children. I want to know where she is now.

Last perp was a very old inventor,scientist,businessman. I heard one of his inventions improved the film projection industry. he used two big strong mentaly challanged young men to rape and strangle me repeatedly, and did various strange sexcult things to me, involving bathing me in blood, forced contact with a corpse girl, and solemn prayers, oaths and blessings. Name or Alias was John Campbell. I want to know more about him and meet other victims. he was an unconventional 'deviant' scientist, working on antigravity

Bring works of darkness to light