The basis is wrong.

Religion is not real, god does not exist.

These men who get their power 'from god', use this basic fault in believers:

you believe the lie about god existing,
then you believe the lie that this is a man of god,
and then you believe the lie that he gets his authority from god.

What this man of god says, goes, he is a man of god after all.

So if he tells you lies you believe him without questioning, without using your reason or your own moral sense of right and wrong.

Religious believers have already agreed to believe in things for which there is no evidence whatsoever.
Some more unlikely things to believe in, is not a big step.
So the priest goes from god loves you, to god wants you to take your clothes off now.

If priests believed god was real the priests would NOT be acting that way!

Use your reason!

Join them in their disbelief!