1. I like to cook my own food

2. I've never liked people touching my cutlery before i eat

3. I rarely drink anything but tea and water (or energy drinks)

4. For some reason, i would quite like to own a pair of red shoes

5. My favourite colour is red

6. I used to have about 40 cacti

7. My pets always out-live everybody elses

8. I went out with the hottest and most popular girl in my year (she asked me after she over-heard me commenting about her legs to a friend)- and i dumped her

9. I was a paper-boy for years until i got my part-time job (i was an under-age paperboy for a number of years, an older boy used to let me do it with him)

10. I would like my own castle, and my own army, and i would like to rule the world (lol?)