Trees are amazing beings....great places to find support and shelter. I have been writing this poem for a long time but have "finished" it after reading yours.

The other boys reached onward, upward
Through the branches and fear, they climbed
Reaching once with gallant effort to the sky
The sun, stars, dreams that they could see
Each of them, leaving ground at some designated time
When the body will no longer stay
And the words of worried mothers no longer bind
You’ll get hurt or you will fall become challenges instead of warnings
And the boys reach out of the womb
And up into the destiny of their own sky

But I stayed deep within the roots
Afraid, cautious, light had brought me notice
And I was scared of heights
The boys stepped over and on
Most just ignorant that I was a being
And I rarely gave them cause to know

And so they climbed deep into the foliage
High into the altitudes
Gazing onward into dreams
Out beyond the neighborhood
For the first time acknowledging
What they wanted on their own
Eyeing direction and journey
Certain of their own difference

Some stayed long into the night
Others barely made the first branch
And some, some fell from great heights
Most descended, the calls of women’s voices
Mothers maybe, mothers to; be but not their

This climb cannot be ignored
Or one will always wonder what is in the sky
And just how far it goes into dreams

But you could not have told me this
While I lay huddled
Deep in the security of the roots
Roots growing over; nearly caged
I was numbly safe in my thinking earth
My soul was calling out

I would rather have been climbing trees

Alone, we are isolated, open to persecution, abuse, violence and our own pain. Together, we are a powerful force of men, who have, despite any reason to tell us otherwise, remained with some particle of hope, some seed of a compassionate world..together we are undeniably strong..and they know that.