My men's retreat is this weekend and I'm leaving today. It's not easy to get through with all the problems I have that I'm not able to hide from others. I'll be staying with my church's staff, to which a few know about "things" and one of my best friends. The things that happen to me at night make it hard for anyone around me, not to mention the rest of the things that happen through out the day. Being around that many guys is hard for me to handle because of the things done to me and I can't help but feel afraid. I kind of glue myself to my friends and for anyone else they can tell that there is something really wrong with me but I won't tell just anyone. I can go on with all my worries and stuff about going. It is good in someways that I go but I don't know the balance. If you guys could pray that I could feel safe and not worry in fear so much about all these things while I'm up there, that the staff can handle what I have to go through and that my friends aren't too burdened by me. Thanks

Semper Fi

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