Could somebody PLEASE explain to me WHY ANY U.S. President would want to include any Eastern European Country in NATO? (Don't get the wrong idea, I want us to be out of the U.N. and NATO as well)

But I mean, all this is going to do is obligate us to defend all these countries, AS IF THEY WOULD ACTUALLY DEFEND US IF WE OURSELVES WERE ATTACKED. Give me a fucking break! Besides his STUPID desire to place a "missile defense shield" right along the Russian border, I can think of only this as something that could anger and provoke the Russian government to a more defensive posture. Hell, why not invite Chechnya or any other Republic that is trying to break away from them?

And why the HELL does NATO exist anymore ANYWAY? The cold war is over isn't it?

As an amature student of history, I am shocked by the many decisions that my elected leader makes in regards to foreign policy.

Let's see how this works in a possible scenario. The Russian and Ukrainian governments dispute the ownership of Black Sea Fleet Units. The Russians move in to take ownership of the ships. The Ukrainians and Russians start fighting eachother over this. And, now we're obligated to defend the Ukraine as they fight the Russians, because they're in NATO? President Bush is a short-sighted idiot.

Of course, most Americans could care less about this, they're more interested in celebrity weight loss contests or American Idol, you know, important things.

Opinions anyone?