Mmmm, $35,000,000 mil huh? That would mean I could have a totally fun room or two or 10. OMG, the possibilities are endless but the first thing I thought of is a roaring twenties room complete with costumes and hats covering all the walls. You would not be allowed to be a guest in that room without being decked out like a gangster and his favor moll or a flapper out for a night on the town! The jazz music would turn on as soon as someone crossed the threshold so there would always be music.

We'd be able to manufacture our own "bathtub gin" in the corner which would be served up in jelly jars on the huge oak bar. The room would be so big and I'd obviously be so rich, that I could have perfectly restored Cadillac touring sedan in the back of the room near monstrous garage doors so we could take it out for a spin around the estate at a moment's notice. Oh, and the room would be purple - every different shade of purple in the world would be in that room accented only by some strategically placed whites and reds and the rich woods of the bar, the trim and the dance floor.

Oh what fun we'd have!

If you fall down 10 times, Stand up 11.