There was, few years ago, a self-confessed 'perp' here. He had confessed to the boy's family, and the police, and had served time in prison. He was also a survivor, and this perpetration was his 'acting out' (putting in quotes because whether it is 'acting out' or just direct perpetration is to each to judge). At the request of someone, he had posted what he had done, in great detail. Such uproar occurred, and he left the site of his own will. The moderaters were having difficultys at the time to determine where, at this site, a self acknowledged perpetrater belonged, whether it was in the 'At risk' forum only, or throughout the site, provided they was a survivor also. I do not know if any actual official 'policy' was decided in that case. (I was trying to find the long thread about it, but could not recall the time frame of it occurring, and did not want to look through hundreds of pages of old posts). Someone in that thread, Sinking I think, also posted a long, long list of resources for perpetraters, or people with high risk or thoughts to perpetrate. I believe there was like 20 resources on that list (again, anothe reason I tried to find that thread).

The actual person involved, I PM'ed with him some, and he seemed genuinely in remorse for what he did, genuinely upset for the hurt feelings he caused here, and overall, like he could be/was a decent person. Of course, my old sport coach comes across as genuinely respectable and decent as well. Not to say that man did not have his own sense of honor, but to say that I have made mistakes of seeing to much good in people who perhaps do not have so much.

I know that Ken Singer, and some of the moderaters, will recall the situation I am talking about, and perhaps one of them can let it be known if any official policy was ever determined for this situation.