Having recently posted my own story in (Survivor Stories) has me asking myself if I really should have made the effort to write and publish my painful past for all to scrutinize. My disquietude is not with my afflicted brothers here at MaleSurvivors who for the most part collectively share a unique prospective on how each one of us feels about our own individual stigma. At the very least when I read somebody else's personal story I try to humbly put myself in their position, as difficult as that may be. I believe that every story written in Survivors Stories has a valued importance that can't be simply diminished or forsaken no matter how much pain is expressed. More importantly its the individual pain of the author that you can't see in between each typed letter of each personal rape story which cannot be discounted for.

In light of the fact that these Survivor Stories are made "public" for outsiders to view and scrutinize has me worried and upset. I can only imagine how many fucking perps or would perps get a real thrill reading these personal stories.
I wouldn't be damned surprised if they even used the painful de>
No affliction nor temptation, no guilt nor power of sin, no wounded spirit nor terrified conscious should induce us to despair comfort from God.

Today well lived...makes every tomorrow a vision of Hope.