I'm a survivor, a abused child who learn "survival skills"
to protect myself emotionally and physically.
Bocked out the memory of some abuse,
and Betrayed my Love,
and Attention,
for patterns of Denial,
Approval or Loyality beyond reason,
and Turning Off my Feelings,
so I can live through the traumatic events.
The Hurting child.

Who is the Natural child?

The controlling child had to take control,
a role of controlling behavior partterns,
the internal consistency of repetitive
compulsion of panic attacks,
roller coaster ride of feelings up with happieness or down with depression,
and then there's relationship dysfunctions.

Not to forget PTSD- posttraumatic stress disorder

Why did I quit my new job?
I had for one week?
fmighell anc ak :rolleyes:

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