what is a man?

- what was your idea of a man when you were younger?

- what is your idea of a man now?

When i was little i thought adults were not just grown up children, i thought they were like a different species, i thought the reason men didn't cry is because they were physically incapable of it.
To me a man was a person who had "working man hands", whose skin wasn't soft because they had done lots of work and were better for it. A man was somebody who had hair coming out of their shirt collar and who liked cowboy films, i thought all men were the same i guess. I could have never imagined a man as a grown up child. A man was somebody in charge, not just in charge of a situation, but of me, i remember that sometimes i would have my blanket with me in the pubs, so that when it got late i would sleep on his lap, in his arms, as he continued drinking, so man was also a protector.

Man is different now, i don't think i'm a man yet. To me man is just a grown up child now, but one with responsibility, now i define man as somebody who takes care of their responsibilities. I know man can cry now too.

Did anybody else think man was a different species?