That is one perspective to look at it, I hadn't really thought of it that way, but who are we to say what characteristic's are our's (the imprefections) and what are Gods (the perfections) as organized religion would have us believe.

It is easy to say that the good ones are God's, and the bad ones are ours or Satan's, however I am not sure that is right. For instance, I don't believe that God set out to create peadophiles, but they definitely are around. From an early age we are taught in Church that God will protect children if you trust in him, but will he really. I asked that question over and over again when I was being raped by a priest as a child. I still don't have an answer, other than he is not perfect in our creation, but he is perfect in our salvation and his love.

"the only limit to what can be achieved is our own imagination" Albert Eienstien