This really seems to have generated some conversation. Thanks to all who have expressed thier opinions. We all have our own beliefs and whether you subscribe to a religion or a theory, there probably is not a right or wrong answer, as its our own beliefs.

I personally believe that there is a god, but I have come to think that while his love may be perfect, he is not a perfect being, although he can offer us salvation if we so desire and believe. The reason I think that he may not be perfect is that in the old testament we are told that God created man in his own image. We are also told about the serpent and its equating to satan. In the new testament we are told that Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights to be tempted by Satan, and he conquered him. All this points I think to the fact that god may not be perfect because man is not perfect.

If man was perfect there would be no need for our boards and forums. Sure people may say that it is free will that lets people commit acts against us, but personally I think that this is a crock. People say this beacuse they can't accept that nothing is perfect, as we have been told to accept by organized religion.

I still feel confused, but accepting that God is not perfect means that I do not feel as empty as I did before. I will keep struggling ancd trying to understand.

"the only limit to what can be achieved is our own imagination" Albert Eienstien