I also was abused by a man/priest. my abuse started when I was 13 and lasted for many many years repeadiatly. I am just realizing my relationship with my faith stopped when i was 13 because blinders were placed on my eyes. I continued to go to church because my mother made me. Then I got married and to keep the secret I still continued to go to church with the blinders on. My toughest issue is how can a man jerk you off or fuck you on a saturday nite then offer you communion on a sunday.

I am new to the healing process but I have realized that I need God in my life. What I dont need right now is organized religion. Man controlled religion. I pray to god 1on1. I havent been to church since JULY when I came forth with the abuse. I do realize though that this priest is a man. A sick man. A devil that has infotrated religion and because of this man doing what he did has betrayed GOD.

Take your foot out of yesterday and your other foot out of tomorro or you will keep pissing allover today!