So my dad's in the psych ward of a hospital in Wyoming -- I guess for depression and alcoholism or whatever his thing is...I guess he thought Fargo was boring, and once again, moved somewhere else.

Well he called me on my cell yesterday while I was at a friend's house. I talked a few minutes but then said I had to go because I was busy. Later that night he called again, and I ignored the phone. I just didn't feel like talking to him, I guess. So LATER that night he called AGAIN, and I swore under my breath, and I finally picked up just to get him to stop calling. We talked a little bit, just chit chat and small talk, really. I think I was stuffing a lot of anger down in me, but I tried to keep a polite voice and tone. I couldn't believe his phoniness. He's so happy to hear my voice and blah blah blah....

So today he sent me an e-mail to thank me:

"Hey son------- thanks for talking with me, it was good to hear you. One thing, i have ALWAYS been proud of my kids!! I could end up moving to the Wyoming vets home but we could always arrange to meet again, say, in Fargo if I would take a pass to come see Grandma, sometime. take care now and send an email, sometime. DONT WORK TOO HARD!!!! DAD"

Argh...I want to hit him. \:\( He's so "proud" of me -- as if nothing ever happened. Last night he talked about some "good" memories him and I had when I was a kid. I think he has selective memory syndrome.

Just wanted to vent. Argh. Thanks.

Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words. -- Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)