" I do feel though that i should have as much right in this forum to post atheist or Taoist views as Christians do to post Christian views, and that no one's views on religion or spirituality should be regarded as objectionable simply because they are opposed to someone else's."

I personally have no problem whatsoever with people posting how
angry they are at God, or expressing rage over "why didn't God help me?" Those are legitimate questions.
Any statement that keeps the point of view in the realm of "I think" or "I feel" is completely valid.

It is not my intent to invalidate your post. I for one know what it's like to be spiritually abused, as my third perp was a church counselor. Am I angry about it? Absolutely! A man used spirituality against me to fulfill his twisted desires.


P.S. Should you decide to follow Lazarus' suggestion, "Unmoderated" is now called "Open Forum."

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