I have deleted my original post. Please understand that my intent was not to attack anyone. As someone who has suffered from the psychologically damaging aspects of fundamentalist Christianity, it is hard for me to remain silent on the subject, particularly after reading posts by people who still suffer as i did from the kinds of shame and guilt that i have suffered from as a result of those beliefs.

I don't seem to be able to speak on this subject though without some of my feelings coming through and offending people, so i guess my only choice is to stay off the subject completely and let those who suffer needlessly suffer needlessly. I doubt there is anything i could say that would change it anyway.

I do feel though that i should have as much right in this forum to post atheist or Taoist views as Christians do to post Christian views, and that no one's views on religion or spirituality should be regarded as objectionable simply because they are opposed to someone else's.

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