"OK. Now i have warned you and if i offend any one, i should be off the hook for it, since the offended party chose to read on despite the warning."

Well, yes and no. Just because a warning is placed on a post does not give a poster license to post any marginalizing or ridiculing statements. Just a friendly reminder. If one is angry with God, by all means say so. If you feel it's bunk, feel free to say. But canons of decency are still expected toward fellow survivors of a spiritual bend in this or any forum, please.

As for Mr. Carlin, I've heard that logic trap ever since I was a teenager. Mr. Carlin is a pretty funny guy some days, but that statement made about as much sense to me as divide-by-zero. Is there any purpose in making a rock so heavy one cannot lift it? I can come up with a logic trap too, but the tomatoes would cover me in no time.


Money talks, but all it tells me is goodbye.

If I could meet myself as a boy...