The DraGon is reborn
awakened from the slumber of the mind
uncurling its wings to push against the memories
that hold and bind the DraGon

taloned feet tear at the surface of the void
crimson eyes burning through the past
mouth agape with teeth of swords glinting like diamonds

dark screaming nights boiling in its the soules heart
a heart filled with mankind's hatred and diseased thoughts
mercy and hope crushed under its straining claws

the DraGon sees flickering images from the minds past
bunching itself it strains against the the confines of past sights

screaming with words of thoughts the DraGon breaks the past
diamond mouth thundering scorching flames

breaking free the DraGon bellows for the hidden one
eyes of sulphur searching for the little one
hunting time is here and the abyss is waiting

Little one hears the DraGon and feels the pounding of the mind
holding his toy soldier he runs through corridors of yesterday
memories reach out to hold and trip him

little one hides in the dark room mind white hot
cowering in the fortress with his toy soldier to protect him
the covers of the bed a shield from sight and fear

the voice of the DraGon breaks the silence of mistaken hope
why do you hide from me i love you the words cloud his ears

the protecting soldier is cast aside
eyes staring eyes blank
as the DraGon enfolds the little one in wings of pain and loathing

the fallen protector watches with dead eyes
as the abyss consumes the little one

eyes staring eyes blank as the DraGon tears the little one from the world and into the world of the DraGon.

the abyss hides the DraGon from the world

eyes staring eyes blank