Roger you are forgiven \:\) i just wish you would open your mind to the possibility that Darwin was right. I have said on here that science can't prove the existence of god. I am not saying "prove it" at all. However Roger the idea that you need to accept god to see the world as a beautiful place dose not work for me. that idea makes you and millions of others happy and that is alright with me, i do not judge you for it. i just disagree. For me the idea that i have to accept an almighty creator into my life that has control over everything, but allows children to be abused, famine and disease to plague the world and genocides like the holocaust to happen is sickening. you can disagree with me all you want, but i will never be convinced. You say religion makes the world a better place but to me the world is already beautiful. I see wars fought over religion. I see religion used as tool by people to take control. I can say i am free to make my own decisions because i know what is right from wrong. not because of the divine but because of my own free will. I am here for a short time. billions of atoms all arranged uniquely to make me something truly unique. I find more majesty and power in that fact than i ever will in any thing supernatural.

Mark evolution is called a theory but it is a theory that has been extensively tested and proven. Science always leaves its self open for new ideas, but evolution through natural selection is considered by biologists to be a fundamental force of nature. the days of is evolution real or not are long since over.


If we have strayed to much from the original topic perhaps we should start a new post I dont know if we are still helping answer the original questions