Forgive and old guy. I do not mean to be condecending and offensive. Experience has given me my knowlege and perspective. I have watched over the years so my young people including myself look at the world as you do. Look at the concept of God as you do and then down through the years come face to face with the almighty and surprised by joy bow their knee as I have. You can throw out the bible and Koran and all the others doesn't matter until you meet the author face to face. Then science and nature and everything falls into beautiful place.
When God touched my skull and healed my brain and bone and gave me my life back at the request of my mother and my twisted father that was something no one could explain. But one thing I learned from that and many other experiences with him is he is not a formula, myth, force, or chemical equasion. He is a Person. The only way he will allow his existance to be proven is on an individual intimate personal basis.
It goes something like this "God if your real...prove it to ME." And not to many people are brave enough to sincerely open themselves to the creator in that honest fashion. It is so much easier to debate each other than to acknowlege he is in the room an just ask him.
Maybe I am just to old for this intellectual gymnastic.

Forgive me