They laughed, I cried,
They lived, I died,
They took there turns!
I still ask. Why?

They did it to me!
They made me bleed!
It was all THEIR FAULT!
Why is it not seen?

Why am I to blame?
Why did it become my shame?
How did nobody know?
How come nobody came

To rescue me,
This trapped little boy?
THEY played with ME

I wasn't their freind!
It wasn't a game!
It was innocense lost.
They introduced pain!

I was only a kid.
Why did they force
What they knew wouldn't fit?

I didn't know then.
I know now that I'm grown
But nothing has worked.
We're still left here alone.

The boy inside waits...
This man's become weak.
The blind could close both their eyes
and yet see

That this man has done everything
All that he can.
He now sits with the boy
Hugging him, holdin his hand.

It's all I have left,
The last I can do.
I've tried to protect the little guy
But now I'm wounded too.

I've been calling for help,
It's what we both need.
Protection is safety
And L.O.V.E.

Safety is numbers,
Numbers are brothers.
We're only one
We don't get to see others.

So we patiently wait now,
The best we can figure.
He's been scared since "it" happened,
He constantly shivers to whisper...

When will they come?
How will they find us? He asks.
My signal is fading,
Our answer still masked.

I so silently cover him
Hoping, praying we'll survive,
This war of a victim
'Til relief troops arive.

Without him and me
We haven't a chance.
Without the right help
It's back to I can't!

Tied back to silence
Tears still will come and flow.
They'll speak with no voice,
They'll only show

Something is or was wrong.
No one understood.
This man is/was a hero,
This boy is and was good!

They both deserve love
To heal and restore.
How will it end
If they're always ignored?

It this simple enough?
Versed like a Dr. Seuss book?
We just need someone to love us,
To find us... to look.

Semper Fi

The statistics? 1 in 4, 1 in 6?
...then me the imaginary number

Abuse Part I&II