Illucid Lullaby

I sit here
I can't sleep
I'm too scared
I didn't eat

I have a place
It isn't safe
Alone again
Barely awake

My face is marked
By dried up tears
No one hugs me
Just my fears

I must sleep now
It's been too long
Are way too strong

Sleep deprived
I'm only a man
A boy inside
Both scared of them

They've been here
I'm scared awake
I'll fall asleep
Then they'll take

All of which
Was done to me
The painful cycle
Again repeats

They'll have there way
They'll take their turns
No one will help
My cell confirmed

Goodnight to all
Except for me
No love around
Just one need.

Semper Fi

The statistics? 1 in 4, 1 in 6?
...then there's me the imaginary number