Im in need of help. I dont have any friends, I havent had sex with anyone since my assault, in 1989. I was sexually assualted
by a coworker over aperiod of 6 months. I was having flashbacks
, couldnt feel my body after we did it- towards the end of our
so called friendship. I didnt feel it was rape as she was smaller than I was. I also kept pursuing her- she had me on
auto pilot- by that I mean she never asked me to go home with her
That obsessive magnetic pull she
shoved on to me. I buried any thought of her being a sexual assualter until 2004. I became a type of hermit. even today.
She and I used to go to a bar that I am obsessing over. Like the
same magnetic pull she had over me when we were together. I dont
want to go through this obsessing, I dont want to speak to these
people. But I still feel compeled to like it will help my sa
What should I do to stop obsessing over going back to this bar? I feel like Im being raped all over again. I need advice bad.