A strong fortress,
Crumbling ramparts to a broken heart,
A mystery, that is what I am a part...
From my seemingly unmoving place,
I survey all around me and below,
Looking to see if they be friend or foe.
I am omnious at first with unfriendly towers,
Archers ready for the first sign of danger,
Hurt me, and there will be silent anger.

I'll let you in to test these still sturdy steps,
But if you cross a concealed threshold,
Please do not be so arrogant, so bold
To think that I won't push you out so fast...
For you will find that I am not quick to forgive.
I may sulk, sag around, but I will live.
My flags will fly another day,
Even if the trials of the winds find me
And my enemies are driven with glee,
I will survive yet for another day.

Once a person tried to tear me down,
And for the most part that person did.
And I wished that I had been long dead,
But someway, somehow I began to live
And I moved forward with my life...
Or what it was once upon a time.
That memory, that hurt, began to climb
And found rest in the highest tower of my heart.
Finally I had enough with this old past,
I sounded a siren that for years would last.
I am not the same fortress because of that,
I am stronger and more defiant now than ever...
But will my trust in you last forever?

My sides are battered, bruised, and scarred.
My fears can come and go without my bidding.
And a great fissure is what remains hidden,
Cause I cannot tell you how that event affected me,
It took a lot for me to just tell you what little I did,
And what I felt in those moments are left unsaid.
There is no way to make you fully understand,
I pray thee though to stand by my side,
And maybe with time my fears will subside.
More than anything at this moment in my life,
I need a friend, a companion, a love to hold my hand
And with me, together, we will make a stand.

---Sacred_Sage (Cameron)