There are very few therapists who specialize in men's sexual abuse therapy. There are also few groups that deal with the same topic.

The people who seek therapy of this type therefore have limited resources to use.

If a therapist advertises a group, the group is not composed of 100 people, or 50 people, but probably 5-15 people maximum. Therefore unless the therapist has 10 different groups going the likelihood of there being an opening for a group is very slim especially for the hundreds of people who are registered and/or visit this website.

So a sexually abused male who seeks therapy is already in a compromised postion due to very limited resources. Therefore the least a therapist could do, especially one registered at this website and vice president of NOMSV, is to not further dissapoint a person who is already dissapointed with the severe lack of services for males is to at least indicate whether his group actually has an opening before having a lot of people call him only to be possibly disappointed again and maybe be re-traumatized.

So I feel that Dr. Gartner should indicate in his registration information whether or not he has an opening at this time with a date alongside of it which can easily be updated in the future.

I do not think that would take much time to do.