I think of you every day
All of you
Out there
Inside, where people cannot get to you
Protecting your little boys
Nurturing them
Calming them when they are so afraid
Smiling, when all you want to do is find a private place to be alone
Going on, when there seems to be no reason why
Loving so intensely, so they will never have to feel the way you do inside
The loneliness
The quiet desperation of thinking no one will ever get inside to find you
I think of you every day
And I wonder if you might be sitting right beside me
Or passing me on the street
Or even a friend
Sometimes I want to wear a big button that says "Abused: Willing to Talk"
But you know I never will
For we are alike, you and I
Putting on our normal faces
Living our normal lives
Not knowing what to do
To stop the loneliness
Desperate to find a way to break down the walls
And let another person come inside

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.