i don't base my opinion on science ,i base it on having my eyes open ,look around ,and it's way worse than just a few bad apples,religion is being shown for what it is ,a way to control people ,first and foremost,not only are people dying in wars over religion ,they are FUCKING DESTROYING THE CHILDREN! where are the studies that should show that glergy as a group account for a huge number of molestation cases? when the shepards are killing the sheep it's time to get out of the flock.don't these people claim to be doing gods work?explain that please? is god totaly powerless? why worship him if he can't do anything ? in my life there has been no reason to believe in god but as a child i did believe i hung onto that belief as long as i could ,but faith didn't stop the punches ,or the sex ,in fact it made it worse of course i blammed myself for god not helping me .i won't spend one more minute waiting for god to show up. take us for example survivors ,how many blind sheep out there go to sleep every night thinking i have faith that things like what happened to us just don't happen. they have faith that god won't let terrible things happen, till it's their kid . many people don't really believe that what priests have done to kids is true ,blinded by the light maybe?