I Ďm tired of wandering alone in this world
I want to connect to a few
Of the lovers of life that have no fear
Hold tight to what they know to be true
That the love which abounds in a world of trust
Is for all not a chosen few
We can gain so much more when we give more away
The payoff, a life fresh and new
With the hope of recovery not in question at all
Iíll get back what Iíve given to you
And relax in compassion and brotherly love
Where youíre growing, and I am too

With all of that said I confess just a bit
That the way that I see it is this,
I can look at the world in an ideal way
And imagine a life filled with bliss
But when all has been said and the feelings are clear
Full love is still what I miss
For Iím lacking some pieces that it takes to be whole
They were devoured by an evil manís kiss

I'm a freeman now, his authority's dead
no pain monger lies in my comfortable bed!