A boy who is angry most of the time
Having been hurt from othersí crime
Carrying burdens as he grows
And how to ruin is all he knows

A stab in the back by a loved one dear
A smack in the face that taught him fear
Learning a life he never chose
Ruining things is all he knows

Iíll live to destroy, he says in his heart
Nothing will last, Iíll tear it apart
No good continues wherever he goes
Since how to ruin is all he knows

Rage is saved up for a rainy day
Anger at last will have its say
Silently shared while the door is closed
To hide the destruction that no one else knows

If anyone knew him, theyíd stay far away
Just greet him briefly to keep him at bay
Leave him be, and on his way he goes
Since reduction to ruin is all he knows

He harbors that anger, and no one will see
The deep-seated hatred all others would flee
His anger follows the wind as it blows
And wrecking the good is all he knows

Hey world, he hates you, you just donít know it
He hides his bitterness, he never will show it
Forget being friends, he sees you as foes
Curse and damnation is all he knows

He hasnít a clue how to make things right
He needs someone patient who has clear sight
To show him direction in which he must go
In order to stop the destruction he knows


Money talks, but all it tells me is goodbye.

If I could meet myself as a boy...