It is the hug, is it not, that we seek?
The innocent hug
The one that lets us finally rest in someone's arms
The love we sought as little boys
Offered by a new-found friend
So kind
So caring
A demon in the rough
Wanting to recoil
Not knowing how
How to stop
Hating what he did
But needing it so much
The love
And so, there was no refuge to be had
No strength to protect
Only strength that used
Confused us beyond all measure
Until, finally, no man was safe
All men the enemy
Needing more than friendship
So much more
Still trapped inside an ancient fear
And so, the hug
The eternal embrace
Safety that we've never known
But, who could understand
In a world so wrapped up in earthly taboos
Who could understand
That such a simple thing
An understanding embrace
Seeking nothing in return
Could cause an exhausted man to collapse in tears
And a little boy to, at last, find safety

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.