Hey you guys, yeh you, the ones running and laughing with each other
acting as if trusting was like breathing, donít worry I wonít intrude

Hey you guys, the ones talking and arguing as if you have no fear of rejection
bantering with pleasure not afraid of going too far, donít worry I wonít interfere

Hey you over there, you seem to touch each other without fear of being hurt.
You donít seem to fear at all. Donít worry Iím just passing by.

I approached with a glimmer of hope that I would be able to talk with you
Your confidence scares me off. I had better not intrude

We share some common thread but your way above me
you have poise, Iím a fraud. I couldnít intrude if I wanted to.

Your smile and comforting arm around my shoulders brings up conflict
if I get confident in your presence you might tire of me and push me away

Fear is like an overprotective membrane that surrounds us like a bubble
when itís developing it gains texture from its environment
with love and support it is soft and supple,
easily and accurately determining the intention of its surroundings.
when caused to defend, it becomes rigid, dark and entrapping
always cautious of any approach.

After a lot of years I see more accurately, the door where fear entered in.
my eyes are not yet strong enough to see it clearly
but I know itís there and I am pretty sure that when I can reach it
it will crumble and soften the fear
Then I can apply the love balm that has been available all along
healing the membrane rendering it clear.

Iíll see you on a level where we hug and discuss
all the pleasure in our lives, with no fear or distrust.

I'm a freeman now, his authority's dead
no pain monger lies in my comfortable bed!